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Eco-friendly badgesWe are pleased to welcome you to the world of Premium TAGS n MORE-home to BADGETEC ECO-FRIENDLY MEETING PRODUCTS. The members of the Premium TAGS n MORE team have been in the name badge and ID badge business for more than 30 years and represent some of the best known people in the industry. We have reestablished ourselves as Premium TAGS n MORE after developing entirely new types of name badges for meetings, seminars and tradeshows. Our commitment to planners is to provide recyclable or reusable products while maintaining professional quality.

BADGETEC brands is an innovative product line of meeting badges that are 100% recyclable as paper. By eliminating the plastic holders from the tens of millions of name badges discarded each year, Premium TAGS n MORE will reduce the production of polyvinyl chloride plastics (PVC) by million of tons. This will directly contribute to the reduction of acid rain (from the hydrochloric acid) which is produced when PVC is burned and discarded. After several years of sustained product development effort, we are proud to have developed these new types of eco-friendly name badges and meeting products.

Our goal in developing the BADGETEC brand products is to provide eco-friendly products, but we have actually succeeded in producing new products that consume far less of the earth's resources in their manufacture. Hence, when attendees of your events and meetings use BADGETEC brand name badges, they will recognize a direct involvement in your organization's managing the earth's limited resources.

Premium TAGS n MORE was established specifically for developing and manufacturing eco-friendly meeting products. The members of Premium TAGS n MORE, with their long history in ecological and scientific activities, came together to make this happen. With the recent worldwide acceptance of the need for earth sustainable and eco-friendly products, the creation of recyclable products of all kinds must come to the forefront. The entire operational team of Premium TAGS n MORE is seriously addressing sustainable product manufacturing and packaging. Based in New York, Premium TAGS n MORE is committed to being socially and environmentally responsible as a manufacturer of eco-friendly meeting products. We know that we humans live on only one earth!

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